Bylaws of FfGK, The Swedish Fine Art Print Society
(Ratified at the Annual General Meeting, November 27, 2021)

§ 1.
The primary objectives of FfGK, the Swedish Fine Art Print Society, based in Stockholm, are to disseminate knowledge about Swedish printmaking, and to support and promote printmaking by purchasing and publishing original prints made by artists active in Sweden.

§ 2.
FfGK publishes an annual portfolio containing signed original prints. The board is responsible for purchasing the prints. The size of the editions must be no more than 320 prints. The board keeps 10 prints from every edition for special use, and the artists keep 10 prints for their own purposes. The remaining prints, 300 or less, are distributed to the members. The total number of members is thereby limited to 300.
The annual portfolio is distributed in November every year. A presentation of the participating artists is included in the portfolio.
The annual membership fee is determined by the board.

§ 3.
The Annual General Meeting is to be held on or before April 30. Notification of the date, time and place is to be published on FfGK’s home page at least one month prior to the date of the meeting.

FfGK’s fiscal year is 1 January-31 December. Together the Board of Directors has the authority to sign for the Society, and the Chairman and the Treasurer can sign individually. The Board of Directors can authorize others to sign for the Society as they see fit.

§ 5.
FfGK’s affairs are managed by the Board of Directors elected at the Annual General Meeting. The Board is comprised of the Chairman, the Vice Chairman and another five to eight ordinary board members. Election of the board is staggered: the Chairman and and least two of the regular board members are elected one year, and the Vice Chairman and at least three ordinary board members are elected the following year. A quorum is constituted when at least half of the board members are present.

§ 6.
Also elected at the Annual General Meeting for a period of one year:
a) one auditor
b) one alternate auditor.

§ 7.
Honorary Members of the Board are proposed by the Board, and they are invited to the Annual General Meeting. Honorary Members do not pay membership fees.

§ 8.
Proposals to change these Bylaws should be submitted in writing to the Chairman of the Board before December 31. A vote of two-thirds of the votes at an Annual General Meeting is required in order to ratify changes in the Bylaws.

§ 9.
The dissolution of the Society is to be decided upon as follows: a three-fourths majority is required at one regular Annual General Meeting, and again at one Extra Annual General Meeting in order to dissolve the Society. When the Society has been dissolved, a committee comprised of representatives from Nationalmuseum, Moderna Museet, Grafikens Hus, Dalarna Museum in Falun and Norrköping Konstmuseum should determine how to disperse the Society’s inventory and other assets, while taking into consideration the stated objectives of the Society.